Family and Friends…Thank You!!!

Hi everyone, welcome to KoalaBlogger! This is my first post on my first blog ever! It is being created to inform my friends, family and anyone else who is interested about my advetures in Sydney and the larger place known as “down under.”

This first post is dedicated to all my family and friends who made this adventure possible. From my family who has given me all the support in the world, to my coworkers (who are also friends) who believed in my work ethic, to my friends who showed me around their new towns before I left for mine. Thank you all so much! I love you all and wouldn’t be here without you!

Stay tuned for more…

3 thoughts on “Family and Friends…Thank You!!!

  1. Sarah Walters

    Mornin Dear Friend,

    Sorry I didn’t manage to get in touch before you left, but I’m so happy to have found this! Hope that all is well.

    Oh, the “for sale” sign was taken from the cabin…so maybe next lifetime it will be ours…It was fun anyway though! So nice to see you!

    Take best care of yourself and have many adventures!

  2. Alicia

    Hi Brad,

    Can’t wait to actually take the time and read your blog. Please email me what your email address is.
    I will send some picutres to have a little home feeling. Take care. We are all proud of you and miss you.

  3. natalie

    Hey Brad……I hope you are having a wonderful journey! Keep blogging and putting pics on FB. I enjoy checking up on you and living vicariously through you!


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