Didgeri-Doo-Dah, Digeri-A

I have been coughing a lot lately, and feeling a lot of phlegm coming from my lungs. This has been going on for several weeks now, and it is getting quite frustrating. I don’t feel sick, so I think it is a seasonal allergy thing, or perhaps my lungs are trying to heal themselves in some way (I have been doing a bit of semi-cardio lately).

I own a didgeridoo, so I have decided to make it a habit to play it every day. Playing the didge is quite meditative and is conducive to deepening and steadying the breath. I am hoping this will open my airways and help my lungs heal from whatever is ailing them.

So I am going to shoot for 5 minutes of playing every day. I already put in 14 minutes every day for exercise. 19 total minutes a day is not a lot, considering the short and long term benefits of exercise, mediation and deep breathing.

This little ailment of mine has given me a reason to take up a new restorative practice. I am looking forward to the ongoing benefits. Hopefully it will help the cough go away as well.

The tricky thing will be to find a regular time to play. I have a flatmate, so I may not be able to keep to a regular schedule. Because consistency of practice is important to creating a habit, I may need to be a little creative in this endeavour.

I will talk to my flatmate tonight, and ask him when the best time of day would be for me to play the didge.

Whatever the case, playing the didge for 5 minutes a day will be my newest challenge. I will begin tomorrow! Stay tuned…

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