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Awesome Free Sources of Inspirational Content

I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite online reference sources, where I am certain to find something inspirational to read, watch and/or listen to. The best part about these sources is that everything is free. So here we go… 

Archive.org: Archive.org is vast, searchable and indexed repository of copyright-free and open source content. One of its many features is a fantastic library of live concert performances from bands that allow “bootlegging” at their shows. The Grateful Dead popularized this concept , and you can access 9,455 entire concerts from that band alone (some of these are duplicates, as multiple audience recordings exist for some shows). It also contains millions of public domain books, radio shows, lectures, videos and more. These come in multiple formats, so you’ll undoubtedly find content you can use on your device of choice.

Tela.sugarmegs.org: In relation to live music recordings, this site picks up where Archive leaves off. Here you can get live concert recordings from many of the same bands as you can on Archive, but it also contains many more. This is where you can get live recordings from the likes of Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam and even the Beatles.

Cambridge Brain Sciences: For a while I enjoyed playing the Lumosity brain training games, until I found Cambridge Brain Sciences. Unlike Lumosity, Cambridge Brain Sciences is free. Here you can train in a variety of games that supposedly help you improve mental processes like memory, reasoning, concentration and planning.

Guttenberg ProjectLike the Archive, this is another non-profit archival service where you can find millions of free public domain books in a variety of formats.

Forgotten Books: Forgotten Books is another book archival service. They have millions of books as well, including a large selection of sacred/esoteric texts that make for some interesting reading. They charge a small fee to get high quality versions of their books, but also offer lower quality versions for free, as well as a free-book-of-the-day newsletter offer.

Do you have any favorite places you visit to find free high-quality, mind expanding content? If so, I’d love to hear!