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Discovering an Unknown Skill

cropped-img.jpgFor some reason, ever since I was young, I told myself I couldn’t draw. Despite the fact that my mother was an art teacher and my brother proved in his high school art class that he had a modicum of artistic talent, I have always let the statement “I can’t draw” linger in the back of my mind.

Well, when I created this blog, I decided that it needed to have a cartoon buzzard as the header. So I got to work. I went online, searched for “how to draw a buzzard,” and found instructions on how to draw the figure you see here. Then I took a pencil and paper, and the rest is history.

So now I can never tell myself “I can’t draw,” because I have already proven to myself that I can.┬áMy next task is to draw a friendlier looking buzzard to use as a logo!